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Trial, Standalone, Network and Volume licenses explained

Trial License:

As soon as you download and install a 30-day evaluation copy of BricsCAD, you need to activate a trial license before you can start using it.

BricsCAD will not run unless the trial license is activated.

Activation of trial license requires an internet connection on the computer. If you do not have internet connection, you must perform a manual activation.

The trial license runs for exactly 30 days from the date of installation. It is possible to obtain an additional 30-day extension of trial by making a request to DesignSense Software.


Standalone License:

A stand-alone license is also known as a node-locked license. It is locked (restricted) to the computer on which it was activated. Activation of stand-alone license requires an internet connection.  If you do not have internet connection, you must perform a manual activation.

Each stand-alone license has its own license key. A 5-user license pack with have 5 different license keys.

Once the license is activated, your computer ID is recorded with Bricsys, and you cannot activate the same license key on another computer.

If you want to transfer the license to another computer, you MUST first de-activate the license on the first computer and then repeat the activation process on another computer.

Any number of license transfers are possible as long as you religiously follow the process of license de-activation (on old computer) followed by re-activation (on new computer).

In the event your computer crashes and you are not able to de-activate the BricsCAD license before-hand, your license remains locked in the Bricsys server and you will have to manually send Bricsys (or DesignSense) a request to release the license, so that you can re-activate it on the new computer. Such requests will be entertained as long as they are genuine and there is no suspicion of license abuse.

If you uninstall a licensed or trial version of BricsCAD from a computer, the license still remains in the computer and also remains registered in the Bricsys server. Upon re-installing BricsCAD again, you can start using BricsCAD without having to re-activate again.

In other words, uninstalling BricsCAD will not release your license. You MUST de-activate it for the license to be removed from your computer and released from the Bricsys server.

Detailed instructions for license transfer


Migrating BricsCAD License From One Computer to Another

A stand-alone, node-locked license of BricsCAD can be transferred from one computer to another, but only AFTER it has been properly de-activated from the first computer.
When you activate the license for the first time, you see this dialog box which explains it all.


Pay good attention to the above message.
If you want to transfer the license from this computer to another, you must de-activate it from the first computer and then re-activate on the new computer with the SAME license key that was supplied to you.
If you have un-installed BricsCAD and forgotten to de-activate the license, simply re-install BricsCAD on the same computer, de-activate the license and un-install BricsCAD again. Both activate and de-activation of license requires internet connection.
Simply un-installing BricsCAD does not remove the license either from the server or from the computer.

You CANNOT de-activate a license once the computer has been formatted, partitioned or operating system upgraded in any way. The best time to do it is before BEFORE you un-install BricsCAD.


De-activating the license is done from the main License dialog itself (Help->BricsCAD license) on the menu.
Volume License:

A Volume License is 1 single license Key delivered for a predefined number of seats (activations).  There is no strict minimum, but Bricsys usually will not deliver Volume Licenses for small amounts of seats (say under 10).

Assume you have a Volume License for 20 seats, then it means that you can activate that single Volume Key 20 times.

In contrast, each standalone license key (in case of a multi-user standalone license) is different for each computer.

Volume Licenses are provided to make it easier for large corporations to deal with multi-user licenses using only one single license key.


How are Volume licenses activated?

Volume Licenses are activated in exactly the same manner as standalone licenses. Activation requires a connection to the internet for the first time. At any point, if you want to stop using BricsCAD on a computer and transfer the license to another computer, you MUST first de-activate the license.


Network License:

A Network license is installed on local network server, and can be used to enable any node (computer) on the network to access the license.

When the Network license server is installed, it needs to be activated using the internet in exactly the same manner as standalone licenses.

Once the network license server is installed, you cannot un-install or transfer it to another network.

The Network license is on a borrow-and-return basis. When one computer stops using BricsCAD, the license gets returned and another computer can use it. The network licenses are meant for non-simultaneous use only.

More information on BricsCAD licensing can be found at:


Checking in and out network licenses (roaming option). Is it available?

Yes, there is a roaming option available within network licenses which will allow licenses to be checked-in and checked-out. Such licenses become standalone on the checked out computer and are removed from the server for the specified number of days.

For those many days, the standalone computer can use the license without being connected to the network server.  At the expiry of the number of days, the standalone license stops working and the license is automatically checked-in (returned) to the network server. The user does not need to manually check in the license again.


Is it possible to connect to the network license server using the internet?

Yes, network licenses can accessed using a local network or over the internet as long as the necessary permissions and protocols are available.

Is connection to the server / internet mandatory to use BricsCAD?

For stand-alone and Volume licenses, it is not required to be connected to the internet once the activation has been done.

For Network licenses, it is necessary to be connected to the local license server in order to use BricsCAD. Connection to the internet is not required.

What are some compulsory pre-requisites for Network and Volume Licenses?

Subscription is mandatory in case of Volume Licensing as well as Network Licensing. Do not quote for these licenses without subscription.

How is Volume License price determined?

Volume License pricing is basically calculated from the single All-In price, multiplied by the number of possible activations the Volume Licensing will have.  For larger number of activations, there is, of course, a significant discount.  If you need specific proposals, just get in touch.

Is it possible to split volume/network licenses across different sections of same organization?

If such a requirement arises, Bricsys will provide different volume or network licenses for each section or department. For example, if a user buys a 100-seat volume or network license that is expected to be shared in some pre-defined ratio between departments A, B and C, Bricsys will issue 3 different volume or network licenses, each of which will need to be installed and activated separately. The license quotas can then be controlled more effectively.

Is it possible for the system to return the network license automatically if there is no activity from the user?

This is called the 'time-out' option. It's not implemented yet, but Bricsys plans to make this option available in the future, possibly in V15.

This will address the issue of users logging in into BricsCAD in the morning and go away the whole day, thereby blocking the license.

Is it possible for network license management to prohibit certain computers from accessing the license?

Yes, it is possible.

If the BricsCAD computer running on network license crashes or computer goes to sleep, is the license returned immediately for another user to use?

Yes, indeed.

What information is stored in the Bricsys server when license is activated? Is it only machine ID or some more details like computer name, IP address etc.

Computer name, IP address, serial number of HD or Ethernet/MAC address, Username logged-in to computer and Time Stamp.

Is it possible for the client to access the information stored in the Bricsys server to know how many licenses have been activated, and who they are? Or is it possible for Bricsys to supply this information to us on request?

Yes, this information is available through the 'My Account' section on the Bricsys website. So each Volume/Network client can follow how the key is used.

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