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CADPower, GeoTools and the Mining Supplement are light-weight add-on programs for AutoCAD and BricsCAD that will help you improve your CAD productivity tremendously.

CADPower packs a number of often-required CAD tools for every-day use.

GeoTools offers specific tools that are useful for the geo-data, surveying, civil, mapping and related workflows.

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DesignSense Software Technologies, Bengaluru, INDIA is the nation-wide distributor for BricsCAD and other Bricsys products in India. We have successfully completed 10 years of representing Bricsys in India, both as a developer and sales point.

Now in its 18th version, BricsCAD V18 is not just an AutoCAD compatible .dwg design platform, it is much more than that. BricscAD is the only reputed European product in its class which offers 2d drafting, 3d Direct modeling, Sheet Metal, 3D data exchange and BIM in one single design platform, and is .dwg based.

If you are new to BricsCAD, visit Bricsys.COM and check out the complete Bricsys story from the folks at Ghent, Belgium where Bricsys is headquartered.

This web-site will not duplicate and reproduce all the information you will find on Bricsys site. Instead, we intend to serve you with the information that we think you would like to know quickly and to the point.

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What’s New in BricsCAD V18 (Complete)

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BricsCAD Webinars

June 26, 2018 & June 27, 2018by Heidi Hewett: Register Now!


BRICSYS Annual Conference

We have started the count-down to the 2018 Annual Conference which is happening in London on October 23 and 24, 2018.

Visit the conference page here



What Else Do We Do at DesignSense?

Hire Our CAD Programmers for FREE!


Buying a copy of CADPower is like having a CAD programmer at your disposal 24/x7, well, almost!

  • Every .dwg CAD user needs customized tools, macros and settings to achieve that comfort level and ease-of-use in using their chosen CAD software: AutoCAD or BrocsCAD.
  • Every design office uses a random collection of Lisp routines, which are either developed in-house or copied across in pen drives from computer-to-computer or simply downloaded from the internet.

We have collected all of them together into one product: CADPower

We spoke to over 1000 design organizations from across the world and gathered all of the inputs and wish-lists, from the simplest to the most complex, and compiled them all into our light-weight CAD add-on called CADPower.

Using CADPower in your office is like having a programmer in-house. You not only get access to over 400+ pre-existing, industry-standard and most frequently asked Lisp routines, but you also build a relationship with out development team that can take inputs from you and create new tools on the go.

Often, we deliver customized tools on your request within a week or sometime even lesser. CADPower does it. Go Get It!

Companies and CAD managers go to ridiculous lengths to achieve productiviy and speed. High-performance CPU, large RAM upgrades, the latest version of CAD, and ill-fitting, expensive add-ons can only sap your money and time, and create undesirable side-effects.

What you need is focussed tools that deliver solutions for your mundane, day-to-day requirements.

Talk to us now! Get CADPower for AutoCAD or BricsCAD and make the move to change the way you look at CAD drafting and design.

Email the creator himself or call +91-9243438300 / +91-8073279755

DesignSense CAD Process Automation Services



Our CAD development team is fully equipped to automate any of your CAD design processes. If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive tasks, now is the time to talk to us. Our process automation services team will understand your business (CAD) process and build a focussed solution to meet your requirements,



As 3D CAD visualization, BIM and manufacturing worlds move towards Virtual Reality as a delivery platform, we, at DesignSense, are keen to be part of this upcoming technology area and have already inked our fingers in this area. We are working on design flow processes that take a 3D model from design to its VR experience.

Whether you want an immersive, interactive walk-through experience or assembly, dis-assembly instructions for your machine or simply want your users to see how a machine works in real life and train your sales team to understand technology better, VR is the way to go.

We call upon CAD users in all industries to start thinking about VR. Soon, it will not a luxury but a competition differentiator and later an absolute necessity, a mainstream technology.

Be there before your competitiion. Get in touch with us to know more how VR can help you.

GeoTools was born in the year 1999, as a collection of Lisp routines to help CAD users primarily in geographic data preparation workflow to manage and complete their drawings faster.

Initially released for AutoCAD only, it became immensley popular with the discerning CAD users who did not mind paying a little extra for software that offered automation for common tasks.

In 2008, GeoTools was ported on the BricsCAD platform as well, and at the same time, we signed on as Bricsys reseller in India.

In 2011, the general purpose tools from GeoTools were hived off a separate product called CADPower.

GeoTools comtinue to enjoy loyal client-base and patronage from over 2000+ companies across the world, in 35 countries, running on both AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms.